About Us

Precise Builders investment was founded in 2014 by Eng. Majed Al-Diwkat. Based in Amman-Jordan, the company aims to deliver prestigious and elite properties that surpass the expectations of our clients and adhere to international standards in real estate development.

Our success is based on understanding our client’s requirements by fulfilling the needs of their dream homes.

We are distinguished by the ambitious vision of our talented team. Grouping a team of multi-sector skilled professionals, PBI company manages the extensive expertise and ingenuity to plan, finance, and market its projects.

Mission, Vision & Values


In precise Builders, we scout for exquisite real estate lots in terms of attractive location, proximity, accessibility, and neighborhood. We secure and develop such lands using best practices in infrastructures and construct Luxurious and elite apartments and/or villas that exceed the expectations of our clients



We strive to satisfy our customers by providing high-quality services at competitive prices in the field of construction and real estate development through our endeavor to provide sustainable growth to be the most trusted company at global levels.


Our values are based on excellence credibility and development through uniqueness in all construction projects that distinguish our identity.

We believe in the spirit of teamwork, and in our projects, we only deploy staff with broad and creative experiences.

We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and creditability in our relationships with our clients.

How Do We Work

Setting an implementation plan aligned with the sufficient period and time for delivery, and to satisfy the requirements of our clients.
Planning the best external and internal designs of the project with the best standards.
Studying the levels and topography of the land, in addition to providing it with streets and services that serve the area comfortably.
Choosing a site for our projects is the most important thing, which is distinguished by its proximity to services with the most beautiful landscapes.

Our Partner

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